What Type of Bean Is Used in Espresso?

A common misconception exists that one type of bean only is used to make espresso. At Top Dog we use 3 different beans roasted at 3 different temps. Espresso is not any certain bean or type of roast; an espresso can be made from the same coffee beans that go into a regular drip machine. The difference is in the grind of the bean as well as the preparation. Companies in the United States such as Starbucks use darker roast beans in espresso drinks, but a medium roast is commonly used in northern Italy and Top Dog!

Packed with flavor and caffeine, espresso lends very well to mixing, and is the base of a variety of coffee drinks. More popular espresso blends are the latte and the cappuccino, but coffeehouses seem to love creating new drinks. Some lesser known drinks are the affogatto, which is espresso served over ice cream which is served at our Cayucos location using McConnells ice cream; the Americano, espresso and water in equal parts, sometimes with more water; the , Top Dog traditional Shot In The Dark which is a cup of American coffee with two shots of espresso; and the breve, which is espresso in steamed milk and half & half.