Interesting Coffee Statistics for You Coffee Drinkers

Espresso... Yum!

Espresso… Yum!

Today, US coffee drinkers consume approximately 3.1 cups per day on average, with the cup size being twelve ounces. Fifty-two percent of Americans over the age of eighteen drink coffee every morning, and on top of that, thirty percent of the population drinks coffee occasionally, meaning that over eighty percent of Americans consume coffee. Sixty-five percent of consumers add sweetener. On average, coffee drinkers will spend $164.71 per year on coffee, and coffee drinkers that get a cup to go from a local coffeehouse before work will wait in line nearly forty-five hours each year! Coffee is the leading source of caffeine consumption in the United States, and is the world’’s second most popular drink after water. Men and women have similar coffee habits, both consuming the same amount of coffee each day, but with different reasons for doing so. While women indicate that coffee is a good way to relax, men say that coffee helps them get their job done. Generally, women are more concerned about the price of coffee than men.

Of the one hundred million US daily coffee drinkers, thirty million drink specialty beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. The average price for these espresso drinks is nearly twice that of a regular brewed coffee. As the consumption of these specialty drinks rises (it does each year), more and more coffee shops will begin to sprout up throughout the United States. It has been projected that there will be over 50,000+ coffee shops nationwide by 2010. In addition to these coffee shops, you also have companies like Aramark Refreshments providing office coffee adding to the overall consumption.